Mandela Effect

As you’ve probably seen my last post was talking about upcoming projects that I wanted to work on. Since writing that I’ve been working full speed ahead to get started. However, after some work my plans changed slightly. … More Mandela Effect



I wanted to write a quick note here to explain a few things I’ve been up to. The site seems to have been neglected but I can assure you it has not. I’m still here, alive and kicking – more so than ever. The Holy Spirit has been moving within me. As I get closer … More Upcoming


This year I’ve been having difficulties in my marriage. If you’ve read any of my posts on this site, I’m sure you’ve run across it once or twice. In our efforts to rebuild our relationship I’ve been taking stock of what marriage is all about. These feelings, in conjunction with what our society has been … More Marriage


As you know I’ve been having problems with my wife. You can read my post entitled Selfishness and Joy to get some of the general idea of where we’ve been. Things have been turbulent over the last few weeks, but things have been improving very much. As I mentioned in the other article my wife … More Forgiveness


The internet is filled with people who have gone on in their lives clinging to half truths and stories about “religion” or Christianity. These same people never bother doing their own research or study about what it truly means to walk in The Way of the Messiah. Perhaps they leave it to their pastors to guide … More Religion

Selfishness and Joy

Selfishness Right now I’m going through an extremely painful time in my life, but specifically in my marriage. This might actually be the worst pain I’ve ever been through. I’ve gone through some tough times, but everything I have is on the line right now, my wife, my best friend, my family, my son. I question … More Selfishness and Joy

Christmas and Book of Ruth

Here we have an article about how Christmas isn’t pagan: I replied with a comment on December 11th (As of Dec 12th it hasn’t been approved) with this well researched article: Aside from the cited Simple to Remember article, I think every orthodox Christian and Jewish scholar will tell you that Christmas is … More Christmas and Book of Ruth