and just like that…

NFL player Benjamin Watson proclaims that Jesus Christ died for our sins and just like that…

Further Reading:

Of course, I think Watson is correct. Sin is the root of all evil, a genetic disease we are born with. And, as “The Root” writes, “a robust faith in christianity…” is NOT the resolution as it claims. We need to fix the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Seek Jesus, repent, and he will cleanse you.

Only belief in the death of Yeshua The Messiah for our sins (as Watson points out in the clip before he is cut off), according to the scriptures, is the remedy. He is the only Way to know The Father. Once you have that understanding, your life will bear fruit that will make those with hate in their hearts tremble.

Brooke Baldwin looks noticeably uncomfortable at the very least.


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